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Albums That Shaped Me: 2. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

Posted by Matthew Davies on

As I’ve thought more about my own remit ie. the notion of an album ‘shaping’ you - implying it’s not just about the music necessarily, it’s more about the effect an album had on you as a person I can see that a lot of these choices will be from my youth as that’s when most ‘shaping’ occurs. I am hoping for a few late entries though.

Ziggy Stardust is not my favourite Bowie album - that accolade goes to Diamond Dogs, with its Burroughs indebted dystopian lyrics and music that bridges glam rock and funk/soul. But it was the Ziggy album that initially drew me into the Bowie labyrinth and my appreciation of his hunger for musical innovation and change.

My love for Bowie ran parallel to my increasing interest in punk culture. Bowie was seen as a prime influence on punk along with Iggy/Stooges, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground and Roxy Music. He also introduced me to writers, film makers and artists in other fields like a kind of cultural signpost acting as gateway to new thoughts and ideas.

David Bowie was my first and greatest musical obsession and I have a love for that incredible run of albums from the Space Oddity album right up to Scary Monsters where his music continually morphed and evolved picking up contemporary influences and trends as he went. Bowie gave me an appetite to see musicians evolve as artists. However great that first album is I don’t want to hear a rehash/repeat. Innovate and evolve, I’m a cruel master as a listener..
Most importantly Bowie said to my teenage self that it’s ok to be different, to celebrate the freak, to explore and enjoy your own sexuality and embrace change.

- Matt Davies

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