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Chrissy Murderbot - Women's Studies

Chrissy Murderbot - Women's Studies

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1. Break U Off
2. New Juke Swing [feat. Rubi Dan]
3. Bussin Down [feat. DJ Spinn]
4. The Vibe Is So Right [feat. MC ZULU]
5. Bump Uglies [feat. Popeye]
6. Pelvic Floor [feat. Rubi Dan]
7. Heavy Butt
8. Nice Lookin Bwoy [feat. Mungo's Hi-Fi and Warrior Queen]
9. Sweet Thang [Coool Dundee and Johnny Moog]
10. Jiggle
11. Under Dress [feat Warrior Queen]
12. U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque) [feat. Coool Dundee]

About this product: this is pressed on 2x vinyl.