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Zion Train - Great Sporting Moments In Dub LP

Zion Train - Great Sporting Moments In Dub LP

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A welcome reissue of the second Zion Train album, originally released on Universal Egg in 1993.

Zion Train were at the forefront of the UK dub scene and took their sound worldwide from continent to continent and from festival to festival. "Sporting Moments" explores the outer limits of dub electronically and mind-bendingly with ample sub-bass to cause distress to your speakers.


1. King of the Mountains
2. Brazil 1970
3. 8.9 Metres
4. 5 Ring Dub
5. Globetrotter
6. Grandmaster
7. 147 Break
8. Marathon
9. At the Oche
10. The Dub That Got Away

About this product: this is on standard black vinyl, limited pressing of 500 copies.