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Bicep - Isles CD/2LP

Bicep - Isles CD/2LP

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Two years in the making, "Isles" expands on the artful energy of their 2017 debut "Bicep".

It’s a record that encapsulates their 15-year career and the distillation of their passion for music and club culture while digging deeper into the sounds, emotions and experiences they had growing up in Belfast and living the past 10 years in London.


1. Atlas
2. Cazenove
3. Apricots
4. Saku [feat. Clara La San]
5. Lido
6. X [feat. Clara La San]
7. Rever [feat. Julie Kent]
8. Sundial
9. Fir
10. Hawk [feat. machìna]

About this product: this is available on CD and 2LP formats.

The 2LP is pressed on black vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.