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YOB - The Illusion Of Motion LP

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Recorded in 2004, this four-track album contains a number that is short by YOB's standards: the six-minute Doom #2. But the three other tracks are more typical of YOB, clocking in at 26 minutes (the title song), 11 minutes (Ball of Molten Lead), and almost 13 minutes (Exorcism of the Host).

The Illusion of Motion is well worth the time commitment as it delivers enlightening atmospheres and crushing riffs.


1. Ball of Molten Lead
2. Doom #2
3. Exorcism of the Host
4. The Illusion of Motion

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 2x colour vinyl, one red/yellow and the second on clear orange, housed in a gatefold sleeve. It includes a large 2-sided poster and has a "Shri Yantra" etching on the D-side.

Limited pressing of 500 copies worldwide.