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Bass Clef - Magnetic Chapters LP

Bass Clef - Magnetic Chapters LP

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The poles may alter their flow. What was pushed back can be pulled in. Stuff is too fargone to re-touch, but there is dirt and pearls out in the wilderness that still transmit. The music fluctuating within "Magnetic Chapters" is irrational and effervescent.

"Magnetic Chapters" has angles and angels, from these it's built on: Butoh, Lone Swordsmen, Acid Rain, Childhood Skies, Disco-centric Loft Life. There are Tubby-esque trap-doors, but if you submit there will be rich green moss to catch you. Bass Clef has ripped out some 12” bangers in his story, but the drums here are close and distant at the same time, like smoke signals at night, they envelop the listener.

Following on from 2020’s cassettes "Orezero for Slip" and "Maze Greys" for FrequencyDomain, alongside a timely reissue of "Inner Space Break Free" originally from 2011, finally vinyl-ised by Wrong Speed, "Magnetic Chapters" focus is on the more scenic, rhythmic pattens of our world (and alien others).

Tracks like Intergalactic Biodomes use pattens and sequences that suggest undulating hills and coombes, ones that stretch out into the ocean. The Sun beams and Full Moons seem to be guiding this well timed instrumental music (similar to Delia Derbyshire, This Heat, Sachiko M, David Pajo) this co-dependent support system allows us to go off-beat into a dreamlike state with each musical escapade.

The sensation of listening to these ample and giving tracks, like Scintllater or Glacier Beams are akin to being waken to a room full of ghostly beings all wanting to reach out to you and request you glide with their otherworldly experiences.


1. Glidethrough
2. Glacier Beams
3. Guardian Angles of Cloud Ninety-Nine
4. A Glow on a Floe
5. For Arthur at the Kitchen
6. Intergalactic Biodomes
7. Scintillater 
8. Incandescent Incandascent

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl.