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Roland Bocquet - Paradia LP

Roland Bocquet - Paradia LP

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The official reissue of Roland Bocquet’s highly sought after solo album, "Paradia".

Originally released in 1977 on the legendary Cobra label, Paradia is the first solo album by Roland Bocquet, keyboard player for cult French band Catharsis. The (mostly) instrumental album is a wonderful oddball adventure blending cosy ambient, euro-folk, synth escapades, Latin fusion with a French touch, gentle bossa, a tiny bit of minimalist chanson, and a heavy dose of je-ne sais-quoi.

The result is soothing, mysterious in the sweetest ways, and fully atmospheric: a must have for fans of Pascal Comelade, Mort Garson, Dominique Guiot, ZNR, Vladimir Cosma, movie soundtracks, library music, and unclassifiable gems.


1. Fete
2. Paradia
3. Djerba
4. La Suite D'Elsa
5. La Marche des Canards
6. L'Abeille
7. Exotique
8. Bee Flat
9. L'Allumette
10. T'aime Libanais

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.