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Shirley Collins - Heart's Ease LP

Shirley Collins - Heart's Ease LP

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Shirley Collins releases "Heart's Ease", her second album for Domino.

"Heart’s Ease" follows 2016’s Lodestar; which on its arrival, seemed like a musical miracle - an enthralling new LP from a woman who is widely acknowledged as England’s greatest female folk singer, but who had not recorded an album for 38 years. With "Heart’s Ease", Shirley delivers a record even stronger than Lodestar having completely regained her confidence, and singing so well that you can’t believe she was away for so long.


1. The Merry Golden Tree
2. Rolling in the Dew
3. The Christmas Song
4. Locked in Ice
5. Wondrous Love
6. Barbara Allen
7. Canadee-i-o
8. Sweet Greens and Blues
9. Tell Me True
10. Whitsun Dance
11. Orange in Bloom
12. Crowlink

About this product: this is the Love Record Stores reissue on 140g dark green vinyl.