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LA Priest - Gene LP

LA Priest - Gene LP

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"Gene" arrives five years after the iconoclast variously known as Sam Eastgate, Sam Dust and LA Priest thrilled the world with the cosmic pop of his debut album "Inji", his first LP for Domino and his first solo output following the disbanding of former outfit, Late Of The Pier.

"Gene" is named after a brand-new analogue drum machine Sam dreamt up and built alone. Working in isolation for more than two years in California, Wales and England’s south coast, soldering iron in hand, Sam developed the inners of "Gene" using dozens of electrical circuits he made up himself. The creation came after a search for an alternative to the structure and rigor of standard drum machines. Its unique rhythmic patterns are the focal point for the album, which is coloured by lush, pastoral tones, paired with the influence of his environmental changes.

The product of clear-eyed focus, the record offers a one-way ticket into a dimension entirely of Sam’s own making. "Gene" is the most complete realisation of his vision yet. These songs are on a quest for meaning, exploring the limits of their maker’s abilities. Coaxed into life with the juicy groove of Beginning, the record struts and sparkles through Rubber Sky and What Moves towards the melancholic interlude of Sudden Thing and the gigantic noise of centerpiece Monochrome, taking a sharp turn in the final third towards something darker and more mystical.


1. Beginning
2. Rubber Sky
3. What Moves
4. Peace Lily
5. Open My Eyes
6. Sudden Thing
7. Monochrome
8. What Do You See
9. Kissing of the Weeds
10. Black Smoke
11. Ain't No Love Affair

About this product: this release is pressed on neon orange vinyl. Includes a download code.