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Ibrahim Ferrer - Buenos Hermanos Special Edition CD

Ibrahim Ferrer - Buenos Hermanos Special Edition CD

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Many years ago I sang a song that went like this:
When will it be my turn? If not next year, then maybe in the year 2000...‘

Thanks to all my family for their support: my children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren. And above all to my
wife, Cachin, who has always stood by me. Without fail.

To my manager, Daniel Florestano, for his help and guidance.

Thanks to my friends and companions on this journey, Nick
and Ry, and their wives Nicky and Susan, and to everybody
who contributed to this album.

And special thanks go to my wonderful fans, to all those
people whose affection has made this possible... who would
have guessed it would finally be my turn?

Ibrahim Ferrer