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Laraaji - Moon Piano LP

Laraaji - Moon Piano LP

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A companion volume to the "Sun Piano" album, this LP was recorded at the same session in a Brooklyn Church. Whereas the former record lent itself to the more uplifting side of Laraaji’s keyboard improvisations, Moon Piano explores the more introspective and minimal pieces captured by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, The War On Drugs, Mary Lattimore) and edited by Christian Havins (Dallas Acid).

Laraaji describes this set of tracks as “Contemplative sound painting, embracing quiet tranquil unfolding of nurturing reflection”.

In a recent interview with Aquarium Drunkard, Laraaji described the improvisatory process of making both piano albums: “I’d sit down, touch the piano and through free association, also blending it with my prepared mental state, I was able to tune in and affirm my highest sense of presence. The piano became an instrument for the imagination to suggest higher or finer worlds, to suggest a joy, euphoria, bliss, also to suggest silence, minimalism, relaxation, and contemplation. So, all of that music was spontaneous but with those influences shaping and guiding it along the way.”

Whilst Moon Piano almost shades into melancholy with a contrasting night-time vibe to Sun Piano’s daytime joyfulness, certain themes from the first record reoccur - side two’s Pentatonic Smile is a longer edit on the central riff underpinning the former album’s Temple Of New Light.


1. Prana Light
2. Stillness
3. Lightly
4. Quiet Journey
5. Through This Moment
6. Bathed in a Glow
7. Pentatonic Smile
8. Feeling Lovely
9. Trance Gaze Pt. 1
10. Trance Gaze Pt. 2

About this product: this is pressed on black vinyl, includes a download code.