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Bibio - Vignetting The Compost 2LP

Bibio - Vignetting The Compost 2LP

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"Vignetting the Compost" is at once timeless and innovative; 60s-esque folk guitar and mechanic manipulations of sounds whose instruments of origin are less important than the feelings they evoke, layer upon each other with ease and intricacy.

Just when you expect to hear Nico's moan escaping your stereo, Bibio himself comes through with a voice that could have sung next to her on These Days. Truly, this is an album for the ages. Producer Stephen Wilkinson is a self-taught musician whose love for sound and noise led him to the university of London and the study of sonic arts where he discovered experimental electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, Autechre and most importantly Boards of Canada.

Focusing on location recording using cassettes, a half-broken sampler, dictaphones and experimental ways of affecting sounds, Bibio has crafted an unequalled style that is as subtle as it is powerful.

About this product: this release is pressed on 2x black vinyl. Includes a download code.