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Aphex Twin - Peel Session 2 TX 10/04/95 12" - Tangled Parrot

Aphex Twin - Peel Session 2 TX 10/04/95 12"

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An essential purchase for fans of the idiosyncratic producer Richard D. James. Peel was famously a big fan of James and Autechre and championed them often on his radio show.

If you're new to the world of RDJ then we highly recommend this doc by The Quietus editor John Doran.

And here's another where Peel himself went to see James at his home town of Cornwall.


1. Slo Bird Whistle
2. Radiator (Original Mix)
3. p-string
4. Pancake Lizard

About this product: pressed on a 12" black vinyl and includes a digital download. 

On the back cover, at the end of the fine print, states: 'You and I are separated by a thin membrane of reality. Reality is the best disguise.'