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Bibio - Sunbursting EP

Bibio - Sunbursting EP

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Following on from a milestone 10th album and a string of reissues from earlier in his musical journey that dropped throughout the year, Bibio maintains the tradition of complementing each album with an EP.

Enter the "Sunbursting" EP, which exists within the same musical realm as "BIB10" whilst also delving into fresh concepts and sounds. Drawing inspiration from Brazilian and yacht rock influences, a diverse array of instruments intertwine with contributions from a number of collaborators including Olivier St. Louis, Óskar Guðjónsson, Dorian Concept and more.

One for the endless summer.


1. Sorry (Won't Cut It) [feat. Olivier St Louis]
2. Shine a Light on Your Own Mirror
3. A Matter of Fact
4. Rosewoods
5. All of the Above
6. Clay Dots
7. Sunbursting [feat. Oskar Gudjonsson]

About this product: this release is pressed on 12" black vinyl. Includes a download code.