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Yves Tumor - The Asymptotical World EP/3 x 7" BOXSET

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Ground-breaking artist Yves Tumor continues to unlock the perception of reality with a psychedelically bent off-kilter rock offering, "The Asymptotical World" EP on WARP.

The boundary smashing 6-song EP is the next era from the pop auteur and first release from Yves Tumor following the critically acclaimed 2020 album "Heaven to a Tortured Mind". Yves continues to manipulate the genre terrain by challenging mainstream music constraints further and shifting the boundaries of contemporary art and culture in a boundlessly visceral and authentic sonic signature.

"The Asymptotical World" EP (co-produced and engineered by longstanding collaborator Yves Rothman) includes the massive single, Jackie, also co-written/produced by Chris Greatti (Yungblud, Poppy). The track is a punctuated tale of connection in a fever dream realm featuring emotive guitars over an upbeat drum pattern, evoking the volatile magnetism between lovers.


1. Jackie
2. Crushed Velvet
3. Secrecy is Incredibly Important to the Both of Them
4. Tuck [feat. NAKED]
5. ...And Loyalty is a Nuisance Child
6. Katrina

About this product: this is available on 12" EP and 3 x 7" Box Set formats.

The 12" EP is pressed on black vinyl. Includes a download code.

The 3 x 7" Box Set is pressed on black vinyl, housed in printed sleeves within a slipcase box with spot gloss vanish. Includes a download code.