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Various Artists - Killed by John Peel Vol.1 LP

Various Artists - Killed by John Peel Vol.1 LP

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From the amazingly rich vaults of John Peel's BBC 1 Radio session recordings, comes one of the best punk rock compilations we've heard in a long while.

Focusing on the less known side of the huge Peel Sessions catalogue, Killed By John Peel comes stuffed to the rafters with mind blowing and little known gems: from the opening track with French Synth-punk pioneers Metal Urbain and the incendiary recording of their hit E-202 to the closing with the kick ass Power Pop Punk hit She's Alarming by the Wasps, each and every single track on this monster of a record presents a band at their prime giving it all at the legendary BBC Radio 1 studios.

Absolutely essential! 


1. E-202 [Metal Urbain]
2. Gangland Warfare [Outcasts]
3. Antipope [King]
4. Yummy Yummy [Rudi]
5. Jealousy [Idiot Dancers]
6. Further Education [The Cortinas]
7. Going Round in Circles [Alternative TV]
8. Open Sound (1978) [Skids]
9. She's Alive [Scars]
10. Countdown [The Lurkers]
11. Energy Boy [The Flys]
12. Haircut Bob Dylan '66 [Funboy Five]
13. Bits [Pragvec]
14. She's Alarming [The Wasps]