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The Nightingales - Hysterics 2LP

The Nightingales - Hysterics 2LP

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An essential vinyl reissue from the recently revived King Rocker stars. Following the release of the critically acclaimed King Rocker documentary (staring Stewart Lee), Robert Lloyd’s cult post-punk are selling out tours and receiving the long-overdue recognition they deserve. Long out of print, rarity-packed deluxe edition of their second album is a worthy follow-up to that of their debut and a harbinger of great things to come.

Back on vinyl for the first time in 3 decades


1 Big Print
2 This
3 The Happy Medium
4 Nothing but Trouble
5 The Bending End
6 Lower Than Ever
7 Insurance
8 Whys of Acknowledgement
9 Bachelor Land
10 Crafty Fag
11 Ponces All
12 How to Age
13 Urban Ospreys
14 Cakehole
15 The Crunch (12" Version)
16 All Talk
17 Look Satisfied
18 Not Man Enough
19 Bachelor Land (by Toxic Shock)