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Leatherface - Mush LP

Leatherface - Mush LP

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Seminal early 90's punk classic originally released on Roughneck.

As every year passes, this album grows in importance. Music wise it is passionate and melodic with bits of Motorhead, Snuff and Husker Du whilst lyrically it's powerful and emotional. Recorded at the Greenhouse in London in May 1991, "Mush" captures the Leatherface lineup of Frankie Stubbs (vocals/guitar), Steve Charlton (bass), Andrew Laing (drums), and Richie 'Dickie' Hammond (guitar/backing vocals) in full flow. This is a landmark album.

Fully remastered, this collection includes extensive liner notes featuring interviews with Frankie, as scribed by The Big Takeover’s Jack Rabid, leaving no stone unturned.

The release includes remastered bonus material via download, including a unique cover of Message in a Bottle and Trenchfoot from the "Not Superstitious" 7” and You are My Sunshine and Dreaming from the "I Want the Moon" 7”.


1. I Want the Moon
2. How Lonely
3. I Don't Want to be the One to Say It
4. Pandora's Box
5. Not a Day Goes By
6. Not Superstitious
7. Springtime
8. Winning
9. In the Real World
10. Baked Potato
11. Bowl of Flies
12. Dead Industrial Atmosphere

About this product: this reissue is pressed on white vinyl.