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Various Artists - The Rough Guide To The Roots Of Country Music LP

Various Artists - The Rough Guide To The Roots Of Country Music LP

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Featuring the greatest names in early country music including Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family and Uncle Dave Macon, it’s an incredibly diverse selection of tracks ranging from the old-time banjo and string bands to slide guitar pioneers and hillbilly blues. The album includes classic tracks from the the legendary Bristol sessions in 1927 - country music’s big bang.

The perfect overview of the many different styles and key performers of early country music on one album with a unique insight into country music’s raw and intriguing roots. The album includes many forgotten gems by artists shrouded in mystery.


1. Way Down the Old Plank Road (1926) [Uncle Dave Macon and Sam McGee]
2. Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line (1933) [Jimmie Rodgers]
3. Train on the Island (1927) [J.P. Nester]
4. Sweet Sarah Blues (1929) [Darby & Tarlton]
5. Acorn Stomp (1929) [East Texas Serenaders]
6. Chicken Roost Blues (1934) [Cliff Carlisle]
7. Gonna Swing on the Golden Gate (1927) [Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers]
8. Old Rub Alcohol Blues (1929) [Dock Boggs]
9. Wildwood Flower (1928) [The Carter Family]
10. Leaving Home (1926) [Carlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers]
11. Texas Wagoner (1929) [Eck Robertson and Family]
12. Darling Cora (1927) [B.F. Shelton]
13. Stack-O-Lee (1928) [Fruit Jar Guzzlers]

About this product: this compilation is pressed on black vinyl.