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Various Artists - Jobcentre Rejects Vol. 3 LP

Various Artists - Jobcentre Rejects Vol. 3 LP

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The first volume of Jobcentre Rejects was included on many lists over best reissues 2019. Vol. 2 followed hot in the heels and this is the third instalment in the Jobcentre Rejects-series.

Twelve tracks licensed from rare and hard to find New Wave Of British Heavy Metal-singles originally released in England 1978-1983. "Jobcentre Rejects Vol. 3" will appeal to metal fans, but also to punk fanatics, garage rock maniacs, DIY-lovers and even the powerpop aficionados.

All the tracks have been restored and remastered.


1. Under the Sun [Pali Gap]
2. Out of My Head [Raw Deal]
3. Freetime [Track 4]
4. Silent Nights [Dragonfly]
5. Little Too Late [Post Toastee]
6. Cryin' to the Night [Snatch-Back]
7. Hard to Know [Terra Cotta]
8. Pastiche [Survivor]
9. Give Me a Smile [Anniversary]
10. It's a Crime [Jameson Raid]
11. I Can't Forget [Clientelle]
12. Change [Firebird]

About this product: this compilation is pressed on standard black vinyl with stereo sound, housed in a gatefold sleeve.