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Grace Petrie - Connectivity CD

Grace Petrie - Connectivity CD

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The 2018 release of "Queer as Folk" catapulted Grace Petrie from cult status to mainstream attention. Both in production and songwriting, the record was a clear graduation, with rave reviews across the folk press. UK festivals from Cambridge Folk to Glastonbury’s prestigious Acoustic Stage recognised her as a top flight artist and her debut Australian tour in Spring 2020 culminated in sold-out shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

It was all going so well until Covid reached Sydney just as Petrie’s tour did and, after a mad dash for an early flight home, she spent the next year and a half - the longest period of her adult life - in one place.

From out of this chaos comes "Connectivity", an album built from the reflections of what humanity means in a world struggling against division and destruction. Glued to one place for the first time, this is a record made firmly out of Petrie’s comfort zone: slowly, intricately, and over many close-up, painstaking months: the audience and all its comfort stripped away, and the songwriter that lies beneath the performer exposed.


1. Storm to Weather
2. We've Got an Office in Hackney
3. Great Central Way
4. No Woman Ever Wants to be a Muse
5. The Last Man on Earth
6. Galway
7. Romance Addict
8. Haul Away
9. Technicolour
10. IKEA
11. Some Days Are Worse Than Others
12. The Losing Side