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BC Camplight - Hide, Run Away / Blink Of A Nihilist 2LP

BC Camplight - Hide, Run Away / Blink Of A Nihilist 2LP

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One Little Independent Records presents a limited-edition marble-effect coloured vinyl release of BC Camplight’s first two albums, "Hide, Run Away" and "Blink Of A Nihilist".

Featuring brand new artwork, it’s the first time these two records have been available on vinyl.



1. Couldn't You Tell
2. Blood and Peanut Butter
3. Emily's Dead to Me
4. Hide, Run Away
5. Wouldn't Mind the Sunshine
6. Parapaleejo
7. Oranges in Winter
8. If You Think I Don't Mean It
9. La, La, La
10. Richard Dawson
11. Sleep with Your Lights On


1. Suffer for Two
2. Lord, I've Been on Fire
3. Werewolf Waltz
4. Forget About Your Bones
5. Soy Tonto!
6. The Hip and the Homeless
7. The 22 Skidoo
8. Officer Down
9. Grey Young Amelia
10. I've Got a Bad Cold
11. Scare Me Sweetly

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 release on 2x black vinyl. Limited pressing of 450 copies.