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Penny Rimbauld - Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun CD

Penny Rimbauld - Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun CD

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Penny Rimbaud, the legendary punk poet, writer, painter, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of seminal anarchist outfit Crass, has announced his new album "Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun", out November 20th via One Little Independent Records.

A fiction constructed by Penny, out of interest as to the possible outcome, places the French poet Arthur Rimbaud (who died in 1891) at the historic and tragic battle of Verdun in 1916. The idea being that Penny found something to be explored in the possibilities of the young vagabond and his perception of such drastic events.

“Truth is, I landed him there because I was fascinated to know just how this greatest of French poets might cope against the enormities of war” he tells us, “I wondered what lessons would be learnt which could then be conveyed to a planet still so obsessed with conflict, grief and suffering.”


1. Intro
2. Part One
3. Intermezzo One
4. Part Two
5. Intermezzo Two
6. Part Three
7. Intermezzo Three
8. Part Four
9. Intermezzo Four
10. Part Five
11. Intermezzo Five
12. Part Six
13. Intermezzo Six
14. Part Seven
15. Intermezzo Seven
16. Part Eight
17. Intermezzo Eight
18. Part Nine
19. Intermezzo Nine
20. Part Ten
21. Intermezzo Ten
22. Part Eleven

About this product: the CD is housed in a hardback sleeve, includes a booklet.