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The Prats - Prats Way Up High LP

The Prats - Prats Way Up High LP

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"Prats Way Up High" is a compilation of tracks by The Prats, featuring demos and songs from their John Peel session recorded in 1979.

It was 1978 in Edinburgh and the spirit of punk had hit high school as four friends got together to form The Prats. Paul McLaughlin, Dave Maguire, Greg Maguire and Tom Robinson were then aged between 12 and 14, and while their instruments were basic - including a cardboard drum kit - their enthusiasm carried them through.


1. Disco Pope
2. Nothing
3. TV Set
4. Nobody Noticed
5. Die Todten Reyten Schnell
6. Jesus Had a PA
7. General Davis
8. The Alliance
9. Inverness
10. Bored
11. Two Views on Life (Demo)
12. Walking Dead (Demo)
13. Prats, Pt. 2 (Peel Session 1979)
14. Nothing (Peel Session 1979)
15. Jesus Had a PA (Peel Session 1979)
16. You Nobody (Peel Session 1979)
17. Prats, Pt. 1 (Peel Session 1979)
18. Poxy Pop Groups (Peel Session 1979)
19. Strange Interlude (Peel Session 1979)
20. A Day in the Life of Me (Peel Session 1979)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on green vinyl.