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Japanese Television - 3 EP

Japanese Television - 3 EP

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EP "3" kicks off with the otherworldly psychedelia of lead single Bee Cage, an expansive,
groove-laden astral treat that encapsulates the bands rhythmic jams and dramatically
sets the tone for the full release. Follow-ups Martian Soup and Falling Spikes lean into
their more slacker, laid-back noise-outs but at no point do they relent. Hot Sauce, an
immersive live favourite, revels in its own delirium before closer Moon Glider sees us
off with intoxicating headiness.


1. Bee Cage
2. Martian Soup
3. Falling Spikes
4. Hot Sauce
5. Moon Glider

About this product: this EP is pressed on 12" 180g vinyl.