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Lightning Bolt - Ride The Skies LP - Tangled Parrot

Lightning Bolt - Ride The Skies LP

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How does one describe Lightning Bolt? That's a tough question, but here's an attempt: the bass and drums duo are known for their wall of abrasive and hyperactive jams that hits hard while maintaining enough infectious melody to keep you crawling back for more punishment.

"Ride The Skies" is their second full-length and often hailed as a fan-favourite. It's easy to see why, since this saw the band become slightly more 'coherent' and introducing melody in comparison to the self-titled debut, opening up new territory for noise-rock. There are sounds Brian Gibson got out of his bass that would become signature in math-rock, and Chippendale's frantic drumming makes you feel like you can run a thousand miles.

Fun fact: Muse would include LB as part of their pre-gig playlist for a time, and you can clearly hear their influence on Muse with this rare drum/bass jam.


1. Forcefield
2. Saint Jacques
3. 13 Monsters
4. Ride the Sky
5. The Faire Folk
6. Into The Mist 2
7. Wee Ones Parade
8. Rotator

About this product: this is the limited 'Sky Baby Blue' colour vinyl reissue that comes in an LP jacket (with never-before-seen art) in a 3-panel 2-sided printed wrap, with full artwork and a download card.