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Three Queens In Mourning - Hello Sorrow Hello Joy 2LP

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Three Queens In Mourning first gathered in summit to sing celebration of the publication of Will Oldham’s book of collected lyrics, Songs of Love and Horror. 

Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out), Jill O' Sullivan (Jill Lorean), and Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Alex Rex) each arrived provisioned with a small armful of selections nearest and dearest from Bonnie Prince Oldham’s far-reaching catalogue. Three Queens In Mourning’s takes on these tunes follow naturally from the fit between Will’s words and their three distinctive voices.

Alasdair Roberts’ sweet, guileless delivery of Christmas Time in the Mountains amplifies the lacerating quality of the lyric 'We need an enemy / I’m saving all my rage for you'; even if at the outset of the song we’re told that 'time is the enemy', the abiding sentiment—the red-hot word that organizes my memory of the song—is rage.

Ali’s and Jill’s trading of verses on New Partner puts a different spin on what had previously registered as an especially mercurial first-person narrative voice, one that swoops between tenderness and ecstatic self-absorption. Add Alex’s voice, not only for his madcap Lost Blues, but as part of the choir on Ohio Riverboat Song (a song with origins in the traditional Loch Tay Boat Song), and these three Scottish accents singing about the muddy Ohio, Smoketown, Oldham County, and Floyds Knobs.


1. Stablemate
2. Christmas Time in the Mountains
3. Lost Blues
4. Madeleine Mary
5. No More Workhouse Blues
6. No Such as What I Want
7. I See a Darkness
8. Trudy Dies
9. Tonight's Decision
10. Darling
11. New Partner
12. Ohio Riverboat Song
13. Coral and Tar
14. Coward's Song
15. Dead Man's Island
16. Wild Dandelion Rose

About this product: this is pressed on 2x standard black vinyl.