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The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons LP

The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons LP

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The Rolling Stones' 1967 recordings are a matter of some controversy; many critics felt that they were compromising their raw, rootsy power with trendy emulations of the Beatles, Kinks, Dylan and psychedelic music.

Approach this album with an open mind, though, and you'll find it to be one of their strongest, most eclectic LPs, with many fine songs that remain unknown to all but stones devotees.

The lyrics are getting better (if more savage), and the arrangements more creative, on brooding near-classics like All Sold Out, My Obsession and Yesterday's Papers. She Smiled Sweetly shows their hidden romantic side at its best, while Connection is one of the record's few slabs of conventionally driving rock.


1. Yesterday's Papers
2. My Obsession
3. Back Street Girl
4. Connection
5. She Smiled Sweetly
6. Cool, Calm & Collected
7. All Sold Out
8. Please Go Home
9. Who's Been Sleeping Here?
10. Complicated
11. Miss Amanda Jones
12. Something Happened to Me Yesterday

About this product: this remaster/reissue is pressed on black vinyl with stereos mastering.