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The Mountain Goats - Songs For Pierre Chuvin LP

The Mountain Goats - Songs For Pierre Chuvin LP

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A surprise released April 2020, "Songs for Pierre Chuvin" is the Mountain Goats’ first all-boombox album since 2002’s "All Hail West Texas".

"Songs for Pierre Chuvin" is exactly what we’ve come to expect: big-hearted songs full of warmth and smarts, custom-built to comfort and to inspire.


1. Aulon Raid
2. Until Olympius Returns
3. Last Gasp at Calama
4. For the Snakes
5. The Wooded Hills Along the Black Sea
6. January 31, 438
7. Hopeful Assassins of Zeno
8. Their Gods Do Not Have Surgeons
9. Going to Lebanon 2
10. Exegetic Chains

About this product: this is the limited pressing on pink swirl vinyl, includes a download code.