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The Clash - If Music Could Talk 2LP

The Clash - If Music Could Talk 2LP

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“If Music Could Talk” was a promo album released by The Clash in 1981, featuring interviews with all four members (Paul, Mick, Joe & Topper), conducted by long time band associate, Kosmo Vinyl, interspersed with music from the (as then) recently released "Sandinista" triple album. Until now, the album has never had a full release.

Available across 2LP’s and pressed on 180g vinyl, the Record Store Day '21 limited edition reproduces the original interview audio, as well as the full length tracks from the album (using the 2012 audio).

The front cover features a photo of Augusto Cesar Sandino - the Nicaraguan anti-imperialist leader and forebearer to the country’s Sandinista movement who in turn provided the inspiration for the album – and a Pennie Smith photo on the reverse.


1. Paul
2. Mick
3. Joe
4. Topper

About this product: this is the Record Store Day '21 reissue pressed on 2x 180g black vinyl.