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The Chats - High Risk Behaviour LP

The Chats - High Risk Behaviour LP

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"High Risk Behaviour" is the debut studio album by the Australian punk rock band the Chats, released through Bargain Bin Records on 27 March 2020. It is the group's first full-length release following the release of two EPs, "The Chats" (2016) and "Get This in Ya!!" (2017).

The release of the album was preceded by five singles: Do What I Want, Pub Feed, Identity Theft, The Clap and Dine N Dash.


1. Stinker
2. Drunk n Disorderly
3. The Clap
4. Identity Theft
5. The Kids Need Guns
6. Dine n Dash
7. Keep the Grubs Out
8. Pub Feed
9. Ross River
10. Heatstroke
11. Billy Backwash's Day
12. 4573
13. Do What I Want
14. Better Than You