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Negative Approach - Tied Down LP

Negative Approach - Tied Down LP

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Born in 1981 in Detroit, MI, Negative Approach were the undisputed champs of Midwestern hardcore in the early to mid-'80s. Led by John Brannon's hoarse wail, with OP Moore on drums and brothers Rob and Graham McCulloch playing guitar and bass respectively, the band concocted an extreme sound devoid of frills.

This was first documented on their 10-song 7" released on Touch and Go Records in 1982. The band released the more metallic-sounding "Tied Down" in 1983. After disbanding Negative Approach in 1985, John Brannon went on to form Laughing Hyenas.

For over three decades, Negative Approach's minimalist and aggressive brand of punk has inspired countless hardcore bands around the globe. This classic LP is still considered paramount by most hardcore fans new and old.


1. Tied Down
2. Hypocrite
3. Evacuate
4. Said and Done
5. Nothing
6. Your Mistake
7. Live Your Life
8. Friend or Foe
9. Dead Stop
10. I'll Survive

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 180g recycled black vinyl (purple sleeve edition).