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Various Artists - Sock It To Me! LP

Various Artists - Sock It To Me! LP

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1. Sock it to Me [The Gaylads]
2. You Promised Me Love [Bob Andy]
3. Long About Now [Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys]
4. You Belong to My Heart [The Demons]
5. It's Your Thing [Anonymously Yours]
6. You Can't Stop Me [The Emotions]
7. Israel [The Sparkers]
8. I've Tried Before [The Impersonators]
9. Sexy Woman [Hopeton Lewis & The Sexy Girls]
10. Sweet Things We Do [The Harmonisers]
11. My Devotion [Tony King & The Hippy Boys]
12. Shangul [Tommy McCook & The Supersonics]

About this product: this compilation is pressed on black vinyl.