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Savage Gary / Georgia / Dewey - Quarantine Sampler 3 12"

Savage Gary / Georgia / Dewey - Quarantine Sampler 3 12"

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"Quarantine Sampler 3" features Savage Gary (aka Dan Carey) and collaborations with Domino Recording Artist and Mercury Prize nominee Georgia on the fidgety electronic carnival-pop banger Nothing To Say (Side A) and the Aaliyah-channeling Pearl Elevator with rising artist and frequent collaborator Dewey (Side B).

When Covid hit – bringing bands into the studio wasn’t an option and so the label started an ongoing project called "The Quarantine Series" in which Carey under his ‘Savage Gary’ techno / electronic alter ego collaborated with artists and friends, old and new over the internet.

Now reaching 20 in the series – the trajectory of these is in effect broadening the scope of the label itself – obviously with the larger influence of beats and electronics it’s resulting in tracks that are more hip-hop or electronic based.

About this product: this is the Love Record Stores '21 release on 12" black vinyl. Housed in a plain white sleeve.