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Svalbard - When I Die, Will It Get Better? LP

Svalbard - When I Die, Will It Get Better? LP

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Bristol based post-hardcore four piece Svalbard have fought tooth and nail for every bit of deserved reverence they now hold in both the UK and international metal and hardcore scenes.

On their third album, ‘When I Die, Will It Get Better’, the band hone in on all the social and political rage of previous efforts and let their more melodious tendencies flourish at the front and centre. Fusing vulnerability and astute vitriol with post-rock esque guitar leads, black metal speed and neocrust urgency has never sounded quite so quintessential.

If it was ever in doubt, now is the time to recognise Svalbard as one of the most important heavy bands of our time.


1. Open Wound
2. Click Bait
3. Throw Your Heart Away
4. Listen To Someone
5. Silent Restraint
6. What Was She Wearing?
7. The Currency of Beauty
8. Pearlescent

About this product: this is pressed on clear/'cherry cola' split colour vinyl with splatter, housed in a jacket with a lyric/credit insert. Includes download code.