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Various Artists - Cleveland Confidential LP

Various Artists - Cleveland Confidential LP

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RSD reissue of seminal 78 USA punk compilation from Cleveland.


1. Cry 816 [Womanhaters]
2. Her Name Was Jane [Severe]
3. Even Lower Manhattan [Menthol Wars]
4. Suicide Trip [Defnics]
5. I Can't Wait [The Dark]
6. Jaguar Ride [The Styrenes]
7. In New York [Invisibles]
8. Cover Song End of Side One [Lab Rats, Bananarama cover]
9. I Really Want to Say (Lost in Rome) [Keith Matic]
10. Love Meant to Die [Jazz Destroyers]
11. I'm Confused [Offbeats]
12. Boy Can I Dance Good [Pagans]
13. Scars of Lust [Red Decade]
14. Key of E [John Lovsin]
15. Cheap Heroin [Easter Monkeys]

About this product: this is the August Record Store Day '20 reissue on cloudy orange vinyl with stereo sound.