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Eitetsu Hayashi / 林英哲 - Kaze No Shisha / 風の使者LP

Eitetsu Hayashi / 林英哲 - Kaze No Shisha / 風の使者LP

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Deeper and deeper, Studio Mule excavates another treasure from Japan’s rich modern music history.

This time spiritual leaning rhythms that come from none other then Eitetsu Hayashi, one of Japan’s most renown taiko drummers, a percussive instrument that is deeply rooted in the mythology of Japanese folklore.


1. Kintonun / 金団雲
2. Cosmos / コスモス
3. Kalavinka カラビンカ
4. Kaze No Shisha / 風の使者
5. Eitetsu Hayashi Bakuon / バクオン
6. Eitetsu Hayashi Seiten

About this product: this is pressed on standard black vinyl and comes with a printed inner.