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Stars And Rabbit - On Different Days LP

Stars And Rabbit - On Different Days LP

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Stars and Rabbit have been continuously sharing their journey over the last decade, originating from a cultural city in Central Java then off to write in cultural Dutch towns. Following that they've gigged London, Iceland and Japan.

These have broadened their perspectives and senses of making music that really speaks out their distinct personalities. They become more aware of their own evolution and all they want is just to make music borderless. A field of limitless expressions called playground and it always brings them the purest of joy. It's going to be an exciting journey to follow the world they create.


1. Merry Alone
2. Moon Lone City
3. Who Am I Now?
4. Misty Garden
5. One Foot
6. Library of My Mind
7. Pretty Anticipated
8. Time Traveller

About this product: this is pressed on white vinyl, limited pressing of 250 copies.