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Sleep Token - Sundowning 2LP

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Long-awaited reissues of the debut album from alternative metal icons Sleep Token, now available on Black Ice, Milky Clear and Solid Gold vinyl.

From June to November, through 12 tracks and passing seasons, Sleep Token reveals an evenly-spaced, precisely-timed sequence of recordings that stand as both individual touchstones and carefully aligned musical pieces, all informed by a common emotional thread.


1. The Night Does Not Belong to God
2. The Offering
3. Levitate
4. Dark Signs
5. Higher
6. Take Aim
7. Give
8. Gods
9. Sugar
10. Say That You Will
11. Drag Me Under
12. Blood Sport

About this product: this reissue is available on three different 2LP pressings - Milky Clear, Solid Gold and Black Ice variants.