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Killing Joke - Pylon 3LP

Killing Joke - Pylon 3LP

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Killing Joke have long been one of rock’s most iconic and influential names, with a string of revered recordings to their name. Their story (and it’s an extraordinary one) dates back to 1978 and the post-punk scene of West London, where classically-trained musician and vocalist Jaz Coleman, drummer Big Paul Ferguson, bassist Youth and guitarist Geordie set about establishing a new and idiosyncratic manifesto for reinventing the rock ‘n’ roll wheel.

Since 2009, when this original line-up re-entered the studio, Spinefarm Records has been the home for the band, releasing the "Absolute Dissent" album in 2010, the "MMXII" album in 2012 and the "Singles Collection" in 2013; and now, with the world descending ever further into chaos, comes the last remastered studio outing, "Pylon".

As with all Killing Joke releases, "Pylon" isn’t designed to accompany a quiet night at home; these 10 remastered original tracks plus 8 extra bonus tracks (produced by the band and Tom Dalgety, whose credits include the hugely successful Royal Blood album) are very much music as ritual - raw, uncompromising and precisely-targeted lyrically. While other bands of a certain vintage may struggle to maintain their edge, Killing Joke are delivering the best and most relevant material of their career.

Famously described as “the sound of the earth vomiting”, Killing Joke continue to be a punishing antidote to mainstream music and corporate life.


1. Autonomous Zone
2. Dawn of the Hive
3. New Cold War
4. Euphoria
5. New Jerusalem
6. War on Freedom
7. Big Buzz
8. Delete
9. I am the Virus
10. Into the Unknown
11. Panopticon
12. Apotheosis
13. Plague
14. Star Spangled
15. Snakedance
16. Snakedance (Dub)
17. Euphoria (Radio Edit)
18. Big Buzz (Radio Edit)

About this product: this reissue is pressed on 3x transparent green vinyl.