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Soom T - Good LP

Soom T - Good LP

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In 2022, Soom T is back with her new studio album "Good" entirely self-produced through her own label Renegade Masters.

In this new reggae-dub album, the result of ten years of writing, composition and production, the Scottish MC blends the studio recordings of her musicians, The Stone Monks, with digital productions from various composers.

From this multitude of musicians and producers, an original sound is born at the crossroads of reggae, dub and jazz, even sometimes pop.


1. Big Bad World
2. Yes My People
3. World We Live In
4. Our Day
5. I Wanna Live
6. Bring Them Down
7. Don't Stand for Dis
8. Born Free
9. My Struggle
10. One Real Friend
11. Your Time
12. Amazing Graces
13. My Shelter
14. Get the Fruit
15. Steps
16. One More Tune

About this product: this release is pressed on black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.