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Gong - Live A Longlaville 27/10/1974 2CD/2LP

Gong - Live A Longlaville 27/10/1974 2CD/2LP

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Formed in 1969 by Daevid Allen, one of the founding members of Soft Machine, classic albums such as "Camembert Electrique", "Flying Teapot" and "You" established Gong as one of the most unique, innovative & experimental rock groups of the Seventies.


1. Other Side of the Sky
2. Master Builder
3. Perfect Mystery
4. Tropical Fish
5. I Never Glid Before
6. Solar Musick Suite
7. Flute Salad
8. Oily Way
9. Outer Temple
10. Inner Temple
11. A Sprinkling of Clouds
12. You Can't Kill Me
13. The Isle of Everywhere (Part 1)

About this product: this release is available on 2CD and 2LP formats.

The 2LP is the Indie Stores Exclusive pressing on black vinyl.