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Sleaford Mods - Divide And Exit LP

Sleaford Mods - Divide And Exit LP

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"Divide and Exit" contains 14 new tracks,  the result is as immediately in your face as its vicious predecessor "Austerity Dogs".

If you need a pointer try and imagine an East Midlands take on Suicide that survived rave culture and looked to the Wu-Tang Clan for the escape hatch. The down to earth observations and story-telling of Ian Dury or Patrik Fitzgerald are maybe closer than any other names flung about in desperation.

If you wish to tag and place Sleaford Mods you're only limiting yourself.


1. Air Conditioning
2. Tied Up In Nottz
3. A Little Ditty
4. You're Brave
5. Strike Force
6. The Corgi
7. From Rags to Richards
8. Liveable Shit
9. Under the Plastic and NCT
10. Tiswas
11. Keep Out of It
12. Smithy
13. Middle Men
14. Tweet Tweet Tweet

About this product: this reissue is pressed on black vinyl.