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Skegss - My Own Mess LP

Skegss - My Own Mess LP

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Skegss are an Australian surf music and garage rock trio originally from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

"My Own Mess" was originally released in September 2018, digitally worldwide and physically in Australia. This is the first time this album will be available on vinyl outside of their home market.

The album was nominated for ARIA Award for Best Rock Album and reached number 2 in the Australian album charts.


1. Up in the Clouds
2. Infinity
3. Transaction Fee
4. Road Trip
5. Smogged Out
6. Paradise
7. Margarita
8. Couch Party
9. Stop
10. Midnight Eyes
11. Harry Mac
12. Need to Do
13. Testing
14. My Own Mess
15. Mind

About this product: this is the reissue on red vinyl, limited to 250 copies.