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Trees Speak - Vertigo of Flaws: Emancipation Of The Dissonance And Temperaments In Irrational Waveforms CD/2LP+7"

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This new release is a vast leap into an ocean of space and sound, a quantum leap into cybernetics, biology, anti-gravity, time travel, dream speech and transfiguration. A seriously next step release!

Showing no signs of slowing down their rapid creative pace – incredibly this is their fourth album in the space of just over one year – "Vertigo of Flaws..." is a mighty 29 tracks - one and a half hours of music across one double album that is surely going to be a defining point in their musical career, a giant leap into the sonic unknown, an epic exploration of intensity and sound.

Alongside their now trademark German krautrock motoric-beat rhythms, angular New York post-punk attitude, tripped-out 60s spy soundtrack, psyche-rock, and 70s synthesizers and vocoders, here you will also hear a new cosmic spacial awareness (both personal inner space and galactic outer space) and a truly wilful pushing of sonic boundaries - as police sirens, static noise, alarms, radio signals, avant-garde voices, and orchestral string quartets, all collide to add beautiful dissonance to uber-powerful, intense, addictive and propulsive rhythms - in the process creating a truly unique soundscape that Trees Speak have made wholly their own.

If you ever wanted to hear Can, Hawkwind, Destroy All Monsters, Pere Ubu, electric eels, John Cage, Liquid Liquid, Tangerine Dream, Suicide, Neu!, Laurie Spiegel, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Barry, Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company, Sun Ra, Stockhausen, John Carpenter, Electro-Acoustic and Musique Concrete and Mars in one band - then this is it!

Trees Speak are Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz from Tucson, Arizona and their music often draws on the cosmic night-time magic of Arizona’s natural desert landscapes. ‘Trees Speak’ relates to the idea of future technologies storing information and data in trees and plants - using them as hard drives - and the idea that Trees communicate collectively.

Special guests from the hyper-creative hub of the Tucson music scene on this release are Gabriel Sullivan, Ben Nisbet, Saul Millan, Stephani Guilmette and Davis Jones.


1. Seventh Mirror
2. Cybernetic Dreams
3. Interference
4. Computer Garden
5. Pyramid
6. Halide Crystals
7. Integration
8. Imaginary Forces
9. Phantom LFO
10. Opticks
11. Mannequin
12. Mind in Light
13. Palantir
14. Vertigo of Flaws
15. Exit Syndrome
16. Stasi
17. Atomic Voyage
18. Ultraviolet
19. Violence Cascades
20. Traumsprache
21. Zeitgeber
22. Prism
23. Threnody
24. Mind Oscillation
25. Hidden Machine
26. Transhuman
27. Ionization
28. Cloud Chamber
29. Harmonic Oscillator
30. Transfiguration
31. Urzeit

About this product: this release is available on CD and 2LP+7" formats.

The 2LP+7" is pressed on black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Includes an 8-page booklet.