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Stand High Patrol - Our Own Way CD/LP

Stand High Patrol - Our Own Way CD/LP

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Since their inception at start of the 2000s, Stand High Patrol have rocked sound systems to their own riddim, assimilating and re-purposing the codes of the genre in their own unique style.

From tiny bars in Brittany to huge festival stages, on independent radio or across national airwaves, the crew have quietly trod their own path, never compromising their core value of independence. Connoisseurs have long recognised Stand High’s credentials both as a dub group and a leading sound system, but they stand out from the crowd because of their ability to deliver the unexpected, whether live or on record. Their ability to draw such a diverse audience is testament to this atypical approach to making music.

In 2020, almost 20 years since their humble beginnings, the collective presents their fifth album, “Our Own Way”. As with their first two albums “Midnight Walkers” and “Matter Of Scale”, now considered as classics in their genre, this new opus asserts itself as the latest representation of the crew’s versatile approach to
crafting sound. Their music, a blend of its own known as “Dubadub”, has always borrowed influences from multiple sources, and over the course of their career their roots in dub and reggae have intertwined with hip- hop, jazz, new wave, trip-hop and numerous other genres.


1. Morning
2. Sailing in Rough Seas
3. Blues
4. Dub o'Clock
5. Along the River
6. The Factory
7. In the Park
8. Rain on the Window
9. Jay’s Life
10. Every Plane
11. Belleville Rap
12. The Train
13. Our Own Way
14. The Sound of Nature
15 Rainy Ragga
16. D Funk
17. Last Day of Winter

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