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Rebolu - Mi Herencia (My Heritage) CD

Rebolu - Mi Herencia (My Heritage) CD

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"Rebol is a party!" exclaims the intrepid group. "We are a confluence of sound and energy reflecting the intensity of our urban life and the need to create music for the world based on our folklore and heritage." Leaders in the New Colombian Music movement of New York City, their adopted home, Rebol's vibrant, salsa-inspired music has its roots in the diverse Afrocentric rhythms of Colombia's Caribbean coast.

On their Smithsonian Folkways debut "Mi Herencia (My Heritage)", composer Ronald Polo, tambor alegre master Morris Caate, percussionist Erica "Kika" Parra, lead singer Johanna Castaeda, and their top-drawer bandmembers bring a battery of percussion, commanding gaita flute melodies, and make-you-move vocal stylings into the spotlight as they exuberantly reinvigorate generations-old traditions.