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Serj Tankian - Elasticity EP

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Serj Tankian is the vocalist of iconic much loved metal band System Of A Down.

2020, The Year Of Our Pandemic: a year of social unrest, police violence and a monumental US election. The year of COVID-19 and its mounting death toll. A massive explosion and mass death in Lebanon. Political upheaval in Belarus. A spiraling world economy. Global protests. If ever a stage was set for new music from Serj Tankian, this is it.

With his trademark eclecticism and one-of-a-kind vocal style, Serj delivers "Elasticity", a five song EP that run the gamut from hard-driving, electronically enhanced anthems like the title track to rallying cries for his beloved Armenia (Electric Yerevan) to the tongue-in-cheek political mash-up of Your Mom.

"Elasticity" is comprised of songs originally intended for System Of A Down. But it didn’t quite work out that way. The EP will delight fans of System who have waited a long time for new music.


1. Elasticity
2. Your Mom
3. How Many Times?
4. Rumi
5. Electric Yerevan

About this product: this EP is pressed on 12" purple vinyl.