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Sendelica - Cromlech Re-Imagined Vol. 1 LP

Sendelica - Cromlech Re-Imagined Vol. 1 LP

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Limited edition three-track pink vinyl LP on FRG Records.

Completely new re-imagined versions of tracks from the first three Cromlech albums, only 250 copies made for the Fruits of Mer / Sendelica 16th Dream Festival . All remixes are by Colin Consdertine. 

Due to constrictions with vinyl, the LP only contains the first three tracks, but the download code includes bonus tracks.


1. The Return of the Elohim (Altar Mix)
2. Slow Burner (Re-Entry Mix)
3. Even Though My Mouth is Silent (Cosmic Connections Mix)

About this product: this release is pressed on pink vinyl, includes a download code.