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Horsegirl - Ballroom Dance Scene / Sea Life Sandwich Boy 7"

Horsegirl - Ballroom Dance Scene / Sea Life Sandwich Boy 7"

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This band is special.

Horsegirl are a noisy indie trio from Chicago composed of Penelope Lowenstein, Nora Cheng and Gigi Reece, all 17-18 years old. Inspired by the shoegaze and post-punk sounds of the ’90s US and UK indie underground, in their year together they have played contemporary art museums, all ages venues, open mics and house parties. The Ballroom Dance Scene b/w Sea Life Sandwich Boy 7” is their first physical release and is out via Sonic Cathedral.

First written during a Chicago teacher’s strike in 2019, Ballroom Dance Scene presents Horsegirl's glassy guitars and vocal counterpoint, like a cross between Yo La Tengo and The Raincoats. The competing vocal melodies cascade over one another, detailing the lives of various fictional characters.

With a title inspired by a misread product name sold at their local grocery store, Sea Life Sandwich Boy was the first track Horsegirl wrote together and comes across like Pavement or The Breeders (or, perhaps more accurately, The Amps).


1. Ballroom Dance Scene
2. Sea Life Sandwich Boy

About this product: this single is pressed on 7" cream vinyl, limited pressing of 700 copies.